Sir Viktor Nikolai

A young Varisian from Ustalav, taken into the church of Iomedae, he recently has achieved paladinhood.


Viktor Nikolai is the son of Esmerelda Nikolai, a harrower amongst a nomadic band of Varisians who were set upon by Sczarni brigands. The attack was thwarted by a group of knights across the border on patrol from Lastwall. The group was escorted into Lastwall where a knight by the name of Menas Neverion took interest in Viktor. Neverion petitioned the Church of Iomedae who took Viktor in as an acolyte after he received his mothers blessing. Her only gift to Viktor was the Empty Throne Harrow card, charging him to keep it with him always to remember her.

Viktor trained with the priests for 2 years, until his 12th nameday where he was reassigned as a squire to Captain Neverion amongst the Paladins of Iomedae. Squire Viktor proved to be a gifted student and a quick study, making friends and keeping spirits bright and light hearted amongst the other squires. During this training Squire Viktor befriended a dwarf also stationed in Lastwall by the name of Jorys Skyhewn.

During his 18th year, Squire Viktor completed his training and was assigned to Dame Orusha Olventi, a Knight of Ozem. His first mission was to travel with Dame Orusha and Jorys into Virlych, Ustalav, to check upon the Vigilance of Gallowspire.

During this mission Dame Orusha and her party met with a grievously wounded Father Grimburrow at a wayfarers inn. Father Grimburrow indicated that companion of his had gone missing in a nearby burial ground and pleaded for Dame Orusha’s assistance. Quickly scouting the burial ground, the party discovered a haunting of sorts which took the life of poor Jorys as Dame Orusha and Squire Viktor pressed the presence back with the aid of a ghost-siphon given by the good Father.

Having dispatched the haunting, Viktor investigated a nearby tomb where he found the missing companion, Professor Lorrimor bound and gagged. The professor was quickly hurtling towards his demise at the hands of an invisible rogue who went by Adgrif and a woman named Mierela. Thinking quickly, Squire Viktor bluffed the two assailants calling for them to lay down their arms and calling over his shoulder to the waiting company of soldiers to enter the crypt to mete out justice. Fearing for their lives, the assailants fled into the crypts, raising some skeletons to buy them some time. The Squire fell back into the hallway and was preparing to dispatch the skeletons when an even more worse for wear Father Grimburrow bounded in with a cough and a glower and turned the undead to dust.

Reunited with his professorial friend, Father Grimburrow nearly cracked a smile of thanks to the Squire, and they all went to the surface. Some quick investigating revealed there a large and evil magical device that looked to be part of some obtuse and rather naughty ritual. After communing with his Goddess for insight, Viktor knew he had to destroy the object. Gathering his strength, he assaulted the offending contraption, which exploded in an oily, foul blackness. However, as his sword clove the device in two, a burst of daylight erupted from Squire Viktor’s sword, pushing back the darkness and wiping the taint of evil from the device and the burial ground.

The rest of the mission was uneventful — Dame Orusha took Jorys body back to lastwall and charged Squire Viktor to escort Grimburrow and Lorrimor to their village of Ravengrow before returning to Lastwall.

Upon returning to Lastwall, Viktor was raised to Knighthood as a Paladin of Iomedae, and has been serving in Lastwall and Ustalav for the past 5 years. At present, Sir Viktor is heading back to Ravengrow after having received word of Professor Lorrimar’s passing and being named in his last will and testament.

Sir Viktor Nikolai

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