Wraithe / Azwaithe

Gunslinger of piratical repute. Raised by bird people; knows how to eat with utensils.


Middling Armor Class
Masterwork Pistol
Saves without issue
d10 hit die; no Constitution modifier


Wraithe, a name adopted by Azwaithe particularly due to its hilarity, grew up on a pirate ship crewed entirely by Tengu. One of whom was a particularly cranky Tengu who happened to appear blinded and cast silly weather spells. Growing up amongst pirates, she adopted the lifestyle in its entirety, and now wears the attitude and piratical costume with reckless abandon.

After an encounter with strangers where she discovered some stuff she would have much rather left alone, she was sent to live alone for two years before receiving word from an old pen pal: a funeral she was required to attend.

So Wraithe and her pirate costume and firearm made the two week trip to Ustalav.
Herein the story begins …

Wraithe / Azwaithe

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