Scrivener's Prophecy

Week 2, Day 8 Addendum

Ravengrow, Day 8 addendum

We put Viktor in the chapel. A place where any self-righteous holy man with a beloved cursed bloody axe should feel welcome for the night. He seemed comfortable with the idea; neither wishing to part with the axe, nor amenable to the idea of beheading anyone, he took his lot happily enough and settled down to a long and entertaining night with the temple’s acolytes.


Tinklewhipple in some form of bizarre fit of charity offered to ferret the women and children out of the temple that very evening and into a neighboring town. Yes! Out into the wilds of Ustalav in the dead of night with a recently possessed musician for company. Either that, or Tinklesippy had some form of bizarre fit of insight and thought – perhaps – a bloody axe wielding Paladin was not the best roommate.


At the house, everyone went to bed, allowing Kendra and I to stay awake while she mooooooooned over Iamjos. I can only but listen and drown my sorrows in bourbon, into which I had just begun when there was a pounding at the door just after midnight. Iamjos, most likely afraid for the safety of his “beloved” (gag me) shuffled to the top of the stairs as I made it to the door, opening it to find …

Daddy dearest! Complete with sunken in mouth, whitened eyes, wormy skin, tattered clothes, and wishing to greet me with a hug and a zombie-esque “GRAAAAAH!”

I shut the door in his face.

“No one’s there!” and I motioned for Iamjos to join me round the back and told him to wake everyone else up. But by that time, we’d lost him at the door … Trig entertaining Kendra in the parlor as Iamjos took off in a sprint across the front of the house, Kazare upon dragon eidelon quick on his heels. I stalked around back with my gun drawn as Korrik (the dwarf) ran round and yelled out, “’E’s in the cellar!”

Trig spirited Kendra up the stairs as I ran through the back door, threw open the cellar door to greet Daddy Dearest with a bullet to his face.

I spent the rest of the night cleaning dead head meat off the walls and floor.

A proper burial will be had tomorrow. That is, after Iamjos has put some skin and fleshy bits back on the bones of Daddy Dearest whom he has just flenced, dissolved, de-meatified. I resolve to tell Kendra that I killed her undead abomination of our father in our own house as he attempted to come in and murder us all in our sleep …. but most likely not tonight.

Tonight I need a steady hand. Tomorrow it’s back to the prison with us, oh joy and rapture.

The night can hardly contain my anticip——zzzzzzzz.


Grimburrow Azwaithe

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